Happy New Year

What a treat to end the year scraping into James Dart’s Guardian top 100 football blogs. I’m humbled and in some fantastic company. If you haven’t already caught it, find it here http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2010/dec/31/100-football-blogs-to-follow-2011

Just an amazing source of specialised football banter and discussion.

But if you’ve just arrived here from the Guardian site, you’ve probably noticed I missed out on the latest 2 match analysis (for the first time ever!) The reason is I’m up in the far North for the holidays and my season ticket remains unused. Very difficult now considering the fixture congestion even to catch games live on TV, so despite enjoying my best ever web promotion via the Guardian, I’m stuck near John O’Groats, twiddling my thumbs where the internet is almost science fiction.

But stay tuned for the 2nd January Old Firm clash which I know will be televised, so expect a tactical analysis on the 2nd or 3rd.

Further plans for 2011 include branching out into player profiles (Celtic + other SPL players), other non-tactical articles and finally my most labour intensive goal of implementing some kind of graphical goals/assists analysis. I rue my inability to get my hands on Opta Stats and therefore have entered the murky world of computer programming (MySQL database with a PHP front-end) to try and display some funky graphics. Geektastic.

So thanks to everyone for reading in 2010, keep the comments coming, and for god sake get involved with Twitter and the aforementioned Guardian Top 100 Football blogs.

Oh, and ‘Mon the Celts!



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Football fan and commentator of all things Celtic FC.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. PFOJ says:

    Good to hear that this is a temporary thing. Was very worried when you missed the last two. I don’t know who to direct rage over disappointing results at until I read your analysis.

    • tictacticuk says:

      I first read this when drunk and thought you were being sarcastic. I’ve decided now this not to be the case. Hah! Thanks for the kind words – hope you keep coming back.

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