We are all Neil Lennon

It’s with great sadness that this blog yet again is forced to lose focus on the football, and regrettably skirt around the appalling incident that happened midway through Celtic’s 3-0 win over Hearts at Tynecastle. Here a supporter managed to breach the Hearts stadium security and physically assault Neil Lennon on the edge of the technical area. Over the past decade Lennon has been sent death threats, been hospitalised by bigoted thugs, emergency evacuated during the middle of the night in his own home, been sent bullets and most sickening of all live, life-threatening explosive devices.

This sorrowing debacle cast against a backdrop of unsympathetic, clumsy and insensitive media along with a backwards and positively damaging Football Association frozen by its own obsession with self-preservation.

Hearts will be given a slap on the wrists. The league will continue as if nothing ever happened.

The SFA needs change. The media needs to think harder about the way it portrays prominent individuals, the way they stoke the fire and embellish their precious scoops. What will it take for both institutions to change? Another Monica Seles? A bomb to detonate?

Never as a Scot have I been more ashamed of certain elements of this country. This season has been an outrage against Celtic on so many levels. I wish Neil Lennon, all the best whatever happens this season, and wait with despairing interest to see how impotent the Scottish Football Association really is.

 Normal business will resume later this evening/tomorrow where readers can find a report on the football side of the Hearts 0 – 3 Celtic match


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